Frequently asked questions

How do I track my order?

1. Once the order has been made and the product has been shipped, Australia Post will email you your tracking information. 2. If you haven't received an email after 48 hours, contact us. Email: theoriginalvault@gmail.com

Why don't you do returns?

The reason we dont take or do returns, cause you need to take into consideration that the products we sell are prodomantly second hand items, one of ones and hard peices to come across so please take that into mind before buying you're desired item.
Please note we will do are absolute best to describe the items condition, any further questions please contact us at theoriginalvault@gmail.com

How often do you restock new items?

We stock new items every Tuesday at 8PM AEST

Who do you get your items through?

We have a number of contacts all over the globe collecting new pieces everyweek.

How do you judge the conditions of your items?

The items we are selling are prodomantly grade A items, with the occasional grade B but they will be advertised accordingly.